{Tuesday Chat with Cat}

Hey guys! It’s Cat. : ) I work for Cotton Photography as a Photography/Office Assistant. : ) This job has been so much fun and I absolutely love working with some of my favorite people! I was born and raised here in Abilene and I am currently attending ACU. GO WILDCATS! I enjoy the warm summer months and hanging out with my friends, one of my favorite things to do is go stargazing because I am constantly left in awe that our wonderful creator has such vast power and still cares about me and you ; ) Anyways… that’s a little bit about me, but lets get to the good stuff. Starting today, I am going to be taking over Tuesdays on the blog! Fun, right?! Since today is my first post Lindsey and I have come up with a special for you all!

We are giving away a FREE Full Photo Session!!!

It’s super easy to enter! Here’s what you need to know:

  • The giveaway will be done via random drawing
  • To be entered to win, share a link to our blog either via Facebook or Instagram and tag us in your post!
  • The winner will be announced Feb. 3 (that’s tomorrow! So enter now!) : )

I’ll see y’all next week! (and who knows, maybe there will be another special of some sort…)



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