{Matt & Shayli}

Has anyone else noticed lately, that most of the sessions being posted are in summer attire, certainly not winter wear?  These warm days have me feeling like it’s Spring…and they have you all dressing like it is!  I absolutely love this weather and all the sunshine!

This was another fun session, with a very cool couple.  Shayli and I have something pretty special in common…we both like to use emoticons and exaggerated punctuation (!!!!!!, ????).  People, this is important.  If you don’t include these necessary things, your text may be interpreted wrongly.  Also, as generally happy positive people, this ‘fluff’ is needed to portray that in a simple text.  LOL:)  So with that said…These two are getting married this summer and we can’t wait to photography the special day!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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