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{the Clarks…all four of them!}

I have had the privilege of working with this family for the past 6 years.  I have photographed kiddos, their wedding, family photos.  I was SO excited when Sam and Jase asked me to photograph this adoption ceremony! Jase and sweet Avery now ‘officially’ belong to each other.  Avery was so grown up sitting there before the judge, requesting her name to be changed to match her daddy’s.  Little sister was even asked if she approved of everything, and when Jase was being sworn in, she raised her hand too! Many tears were present, big smiles.  It was beautiful, it was final and it was perfect.

The most perfect saying was engraved onto the necklace Jase gave Avery at the end. “Marriage made us family, Love made you my daughter.”

I am beyond thrilled for your family of four to be complete and share the same last name!  I know that the only thing that has changed is the judge’s signature on a piece of paper, but doesn’t that feel good!  Love you guys!


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