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{Jamaica Mon!}

We absolutely LOVE traveling and photographing in different places!  A few favorites have been weddings in Nashville, Las Vegas, Oklahoma and more!  This past weekend, we had the privilege of photographing Jesseca and Eric’s wedding at the Sandals Royal Plantation Resort in Jamaica…SO. BEAUTIFUL.

Their wedding was so simple, so breath-taking, so beautiful, so intimate. Though there were several onlookers at the resort, it felt as though it was just Jess and Eric.  The wedding and event staff was so accommodating, making sure every little detail was perfectly planned.  We are beyond thrilled for Mr. & Mrs. Barstad, and pray their marriage is richly blessed.

If you care to hear about a not-so-fun mishap…you can read about it at the bottom of this post…after you enjoy scrolling through these beautiful photos from their special day…


So…now that you can clearly see that all the wedding photos are in good standing condition…I can share with you a bit of a blooper.  While taking photos of just the two of them after the wedding/reception…I decided to take a dip in the ocean…WITH my camera and Oakley sunglasses.  My sunglasses were lost at sea…I’m sure some fish is swimming around wearing them and looking pretty cool.  My camera was a complete loss, but no damage was done to the wedding photos…thanks to swift action and resilient flashcards!  We of course carry backup equipment with us ALWAYS, so we continued shooting to our hearts content.

So here is my soap box spill.  When you are hiring a wedding photographer…BE SURE you are contracting with someone that is a legitimate business.  They need to have a Sales Tax Id, as well as equipment and liability insurance.  My equipment will be replaced 100%, and all will be well.  I understand that we all have friends and family that might take good photos, but be sure for your wedding day, you have someone contracted that is insured, backed up and ready to deal with crisis. Lord willing you will only have ONE wedding day and you want to be absolutely sure your memories are being documented and preserved properly.  Stepping off the box now LOL 🙂

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