{the FIT bride}

We are SO excited to announce our new partnership with Coach Bennie Wylie and his team at The Performance Lab!  Coach Wylie brings his God-given talent and years of experience, as well as his most recent achievement, the winner of NBC’s hit reality show Strong.  Starting today,  Cotton Photography brides have the option to purchase the “Fit Bride” add-on with their wedding photography package!  This is an exclusive offer to Cotton Photography brides, bringing you amazing savings (over $400!) and a unique fitness opportunity!  New brides, and brides that have already booked an upcoming wedding…this is for YOU!

During a time that often brings added stresses, diet and exercise can help keep things in balance.  When you purchase the Fit Bride package, you will be choosing to embrace the very best version of YOU!  Be healthy, be strong…be a Fit Bride!  Call us today, and let’s get you started! 325-437-7700


3 months group fitness at The Performance Lab

Coach Wylie and his inspirational team will lead you through daily workouts, motivate you, and encourage you along the way…helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.

3 weeks food planning and preparation provided by Healthy Meals To Go

You will have breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks provided to you weekly for three weeks! Coach Wylie will help you set dietary guidelines and order your meals weekly.  These healthy meals, along with your workouts, will set you up for success!

1 month post-wedding group fitness at The Performance Lab

Your health and fitness journey doesn’t stop after your wedding day!  Enjoy workouts as a newly married couple, use this month to incorporate fitness as a priority into your relationship.

And guess what! The fun doesn’t stop there!  This is NOT just for brides…grooms, moms, members of the wedding party…let’s get together and visit, and find out how you can all be involved!



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