{Miss Kylie}

We have had a whirlwind of senior sessions lately! We absolutely LOVE this season…fresh faced teenagers…capturing their beauty, sweetness, personality. We are busy editing these and getting them to our clients as quickly as possible…for yearbook deadlines, graduation announcements, Senior Sunday church slideshows…we LOVE this season!

Meet Miss Kylie. I mean really? Ya’ll, I’m just dying over these floral prints this year! Every. Single. Girl. Should have their photo taken with flowers! Our world makes a nasty habit of encouraging young women (and older women for that matter) to dress and act sexy. I hate this. I had a conversation with a sweet friend in my bunco group last night, about how she is teaching her young daughter to sew…and how the world doesn’t want young girls to be YOUNG girls anymore. Simple things like sewing, playing dress up, encouraging creativity, pretending to teach a classroom of stuffed animals. Thank you Megan for this reminder…we have to be intentional with our children and their upbringing. Wow, got lost in my rant. Sooo…back to Miss Kylie here. These flowers are just a breath of fresh air, and capture the innocence that we want for our teenagers. Kylie, you are stunning and full of light!


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